Truck Accident Lawyer, Salt Lake City

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When an accident occurs in which a small vehicle collides with a large truck, the consequences of this tend to be serious and can lead to extensive bills, as well as long recoveries.


The victims of these accidents have to opt for some compensation that helps them cover all these expenses, which tend to exceed the expenses of other types of accidents. Salt Lake City truck accident lawyer have the knowledge to deal with these types of cases and secure compensation to alleviate financial problems for their clients.


How truck accident claims differ from others.

Compensation claims involving motor vehicles such as large trucks have a reputation for being extremely complex and with many technicalities. The process becomes unpredictable compared to a typical car accident case, in addition to being complicated to handle, one of the main reasons for its difficulty tends to be discovering who is to blame for the accident.


Trucking companies are aware that these types of claims will demand high amounts of compensation for the victim, due to the nature and severity of injuries that can cause this type of accident. In addition to the costs for recovery and repair of the property. Typically, these companies partner with reputable insurance companies, which have the resources and a fierce and experienced team of attorneys to fight determinedly on their behalf.


Taking this into account, there is the possibility that, like the trucking company and the insurance company, will evade financial responsibility for the injuries to the victim, leaving them without compensation.


Compensations that can be obtained

Something that victims of these accidents tend to ask first when beginning conversations with the lawyer, is the value of what is being claimed. It is understandable, since dealing with the long medical or repair bills, in addition to the less expected expenses, with which the victim has to deal with after the accident is not easy. It has been calculated that victims tend to prioritize solving financial problems over health itself.


Something that should be clarified is that each case is different from each other, placing a defined value on it without having thoroughly investigated and analyzed all the circumstances and possibilities of the consequences of the accident, becomes completely impossible. 


The team of attorneys at Fielding Law promises and assures to all their clients that they will do everything possible to achieve the highest amount of compensation that each case deserves. Some compensations for which they can choose are: 

  • Medical expenses: These types of expenses will include all bills related to hospital stays, necessary long and short term medications, rehabilitation, among others.
  • Loss of income: Depending on the severity of the injuries that prevent the return to work life, the victim can recover a part of the lost income in the short and long term.
  • Pain and suffering damages: This includes any emotional distress that the accident may cause.
  • Funeral and burial costs, as well as loss of care and companionship: This will only be taken into account, if a wrongful death claim is made.


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