Video Conferencing To Form A Better Government

As our country is growing day by day there are many resources people are getting habituated towards for existing their own life and they do not have time to think about the government which is playing a back-end role in their life. Generally, no one has an idea about how it exactly works and when asked what they feel about the Indian government, many have different kind of opinions.

India was formed by central, national and state level government where a lot of things has to be handled and many departments have to work cooperatively to bring out the growth in our country. There are many departments who take the help of technology in one or the other ways like we can see e-government, Online Banking, online bookings and many new features through which people feel flexible. Now it’s time for a new technology that can cut the stress in collaboration among various departments, which is a major part in forming a collaborative government.

As every department will have to discuss and plan the work of solving various issues to form a better government, every department will have to attend meetings and interact with the higher official to discuss and make decisions. But this is a time-consuming process of traveling to different places and gather at one place. And to shorten this stress we have a new technology like Video Conferencing Software which can easily collaborate with many people on one screen without any effort of traveling.

There are many departments starting from agriculture to research & development who have a lot of sub departments and as a whole work under one government to make the better society for people. In this process all these departments have to collaborate at one or other point to take the best decisions in solving the public issues where Video Conferencing plays a very vital role in reducing the stress for many sectors.

Implementation of Video Conferencing For Government can improve situational awareness, productivity and efficiency of work, collaborate among different geographical locations for fast and effective communication at the time of emergencies. Recently as a new step, the Government has allowed video conferencing for Annual General Meetings and board meetings for a flexible communication and to solve effectively the public issues on time without making delays. This must be taken as a good step that helps in developing our country to reach heights and form a better society to live for everyone.