White Supremacist Group Linked To Mosque Bombing Planned Violent Revolution Against Government

An Illinois-based white supremacist group linked to a mosque attack and an attempted abortion clinic bombing had stockpiled guns and explosives to wage a revolution against the federal government, according to reports.

Michael Hari, the suspected leader of the White Rabbit Militia group, is due to go on trial in connection to the bombing of the Dar Al-Farooq Islamic Center in Bloomington, Minnesota. No one was killed or injured during the attack, which took place just before morning prayers on August 5, 2017.

According to court documents, the group carried out the attack on the mosque “because Hari and his men hated Islam and wanted Muslims out of the United States.”

Hari is also accused of the attempted bombing of the Women’s Health Practice abortion clinic in Champaign, Illinois, on November 7, 2017. Two other men—Joe Morris and Michael McWhorter—have already pleaded guilty for their role in the attack, in which a pipe bomb was thrown through the clinic’s window but failed to detonate.

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The new court documents show how the “paramilitary terrorist organization” stockpiled weapons and equipment including devices to jam cell phone signals to wage a war against those they did not like.

The photos also show badges the far-right militia group wore, including one reading “ain’t no fun when the rabbit got the gun” and another in which they refer to themselves as “pork eating crusaders.”

Court documents showed Morris and McWhorter had robbed a Walmart store in Watseka, Illinois, in December 2017 because they believed that Walmart funded antifa. The pair, along with Hari, are accused of attempting to rob a Walmart store in Mount Vernon, Illinois, that month for the same reason.

The three are also accused of planting an incendiary device to vandalize a segment of railroad track used by the Canadian National Railway. Hari is then alleged to have called Canadian National Railway to demand they send digital currency or they would carry out more attacks.

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Following his arrest in connection to the Dar Al-Farooq Islamic Center attack, McWhorter allegedly told an FBI agent that the group wanted to let Muslims know they are not welcome in the U.S. and to “scare them out of the country.”

Hari is accused of conspiring to commit federal crimes using explosives and possessing an unregistered explosive device. He also faces charges relating to targeting a religious property and trying to obstruct the free exercise of religious beliefs.

He is due to stand trial in November. His date had been postponed from July due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

(File photo) A man carries a knife and a handgun as several hundred members of the Proud Boys and other similar groups gathered for a rally at Delta Park in Portland, Oregon on September 26, 2020. The Illinois-based White Rabbit Militia are accused of stockpiling weapons to preparing for a revolution against the federal government.
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