Why You Should Negotiate For a Settlement after a Truck Accident

Truck accidents are sometimes very fatal when victims sustain both physical and internal injuries which can leave long time damage on them. A truck accident settlement is therefore the only way to receive compensation for pain and suffering caused by the truck driver.

When an individual is injured in a truck accident, they experience several losses, which can make their current situation very difficult to get adapted to because of the several losses they have to go through. This is why a Lafayette lawyer for truck accidents will work with the liable party’s insurance company to settle out of the courtroom.

Court proceedings take a long time

Judicial proceedings after a truck accident case is often an extended process since it undergoes few stages such as an appeal in a higher court after trial. These processes may even begin all over, which consumes more time. Truck accidents victims may not even get money to cover their medical bills and other expenses because the case has not been settled yet. 

Having to appear in courts as often as required by judges is often made into a public event where the victims’ information, integrity, and health conditions are made public especially during cross-examinations.

Victims may have to provide testimonies

Sometimes, the truck driver and the company may refuse to accept liability for the accident while claiming that you caused part of the incident. Since you were involved in the accident, you might have to testify and provide essential details of how the accident happened. Claimants will have to describe the state of their mental health before and after the truck accident, which is usually traumatizing to discuss before a jury.

Testimonies from truck accidents victims are aimed at getting the sympathy of the judge and jury to receive fair and reasonable compensation.


Truck accidents attorney fees increases

Although most truck accident lawyers provide legal service to be paid after the outcome of truck accident cases are successful or settlements are being paid, having a truck accident lawyer represent you at court trials can make lawyer’s fees increase.

When you are paid your damages while settling out of court, your accident lawyer gets 33% out of your compensation but when the accident case is taken to trial, the lawyer’s fee is increased by 40% depending on the contract.


Even though settlement procedures after a truck accident can be quite stressful and complicated, it is better than taking truck accident cases to court. This is because a truck accident case in courts will take a longer time with more difficulties and might adversely affect your recovery period. 

The legal steps involved after a truck accident case are to help you get enough finances to take care of the damages incurred through the accident. This is why having an experienced lawyer as legal counsel who will negotiate for a higher settlement amount will save you from going to trial after a truck accident, which is often a necessary risk regarding the jury.

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