The Simple Guide to Tracking Employee Productivity in a Firm

Every employer and business owner measures the level of productivity in their enterprise. Many people do this for various reasons according to the opinions of people found on While it lets you know the capability of an employee, it also lets you know his/her weakness. This lets you leverage on his/her strength to further drive productive capacity.

It could be challenging to ensure productivity in the workplace.Opinions about apps reveal that many employees are either distracted by their smartphones or social media engagements. In some other cases, employees just lack interest in putting efforts that maximally yield profit. Thus, while productivity is an integral factor of growth, engaging employees could motivate them.

To increase the level of employee productivity, employers can:

  • Create high expectations and let the employees know
  • Define productivity based on working hours and quality effort in the work
  • Identify production capacities
  • Evaluate employee efficiency
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