Did Legalizing Abortion Change Society?

When the government made abortion legal, it took away all the legal and moral ramifications.

As a result, there were more abortions than ever which created an atmosphere of irresponsibility, and it rapidly became a form of birth control, which resulted in a moral breakdown, especially among the young.

Before abortion was legal, people were humiliated and scorned for getting pregnant, as a result, if a teen became pregnant they normally got married or gave the child up for adoption. Many pregnant unmarried teenage girls left town until they gave birth to prevent the humiliation. Pregnant girls were forced to drop out of school.

Because of the social stigma, many thought twice before committing acts that would create an out of wedlock pregnancy. Even though it may have seemed cruel at the time, the positive effects were that it created humans who were able to stand up to life’s challenges by accepting responsibility for their actions and taught them to not blame others for what they, themselves had created.

Now teen pregnancy is accepted and often encouraged, but by making it acceptable the number of unwed mothers has skyrocketed and many more children are placed at risk, the number of children living in one parent families has skyrocketed, leaving many of them living in poverty.

As is most often the case, the government’s attempt to solve a problem by removing personal responsibility has backfired and more people are at risk and personal responsibility has all but been removed from the public scene.

Growing children need boundaries, guidance, and to be taught there are consequences for their actions. When people are coddled and excuses made for their actions, it only creates an atmosphere where ethical standards are relaxed and soon people begin to make unwise choices without even thinking what the consequences may be, this can only lead to one result, and it isn’t the preferred choice.

Then we all sit back and wonder what happened.

Just another example of how liberalism doesn’t work, they try to cater to the so-called weak, and by doing so, they just create more weak and needy people. You cannot build people up by making life easy for them. The human soul needs challenge and adversity to evolve.

By interfering with their karma you are taking away their life plan, that’s why the more you give someone, the angrier they get and they seem unappreciative and bitter, you are running their life and taking away their purpose. Doing just the opposite of what needs to be done.

The soul doesn’t want to be coddled, it needs to be challenged in order for it to fully evolve into its full potential.

We need to stay out of their lives, let them make their own choices and only guide them on their path through life.

How often do we, as a society need to relearn the same things over and over, sooner or later we will get it.