Do you catch yourself referring to people with politic beliefs opposite to yours as morons/ idiots or the like?

I was out last weekend with my SO and some of his close friends who don’t necessarily know my politic persuasions. It’s always been assumed that no one in their group would hang out with anyone who felt differently than they did on the US President, ride or die situation.

Very quickly the co go went to these “idiots” and I just went along with it since I hear that from some people on all sides and wasn’t surprised. My SO was like… well let’s calm down they aren’t idiots. I stopped him, what’s the point let’s move on to common ground.

I’ve never thought the people voting opposite of me were idiots. I do want to listen and hear why they feel as they do and vote as they vote, 7 to 8 times out of 10 I get a reason that makes some kind of sense or a lot of sense from their POV.

on the rare occasion it’s extremely misguided but I still don’t like to think that person is dumb, they feel passionately after all.

I used to bother mentioning that I was that idiot or what have you to put a human face to it for people in closed circles, politely then agree to disagree and move on.

But there is literally no point of someone is that dug in anymore. I’ll tell them who I voted for and what not but I won’t engage them in debate.

Main thought is- if you view “the other side” or worse, “opposition” as enemies or dumbies than nothing gets done in government or society.

I speak up que. It matters but do t waste my time when I feel it doesn’t. Maybe that makes me as bad as the rest but 4-5 years has taught me well.

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