Jude Law’s 12-hour one-take livestream

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The Third Day: Autumn

9.30am, Sky Arts

Immersive theatre pioneers Punchdrunk collaborate on this one-take, real-time live special of the eerie drama miniseries The Third Day. As Sam (Jude Law) found his reality increasingly merging with visions of bloody horror, he sought to escape the unnerving island in the closing part of the previous section, Summer. With things ending on a typically uncertain note, he is now joined by fellow cast member Katherine Waterston as well as singer Florence Welch in an acting role for this marathon 12-hour event. Ammar Kalia

IRL With Team Charlene

9.05am, ITV

ITV newsreader Charlene White is on a mission to educate kids about racism and help them reject fake news. In this lively show she tackles questions about the Black Lives Matter movement, why people have different skin colours and other queries that TikTok and Instagram can’t be trusted to answer. Hannah Verdier

Undercover in the Jungle

7pm, Sky Nature

The hidden cameras are unleashed in this wildlife special, documenting the goings-on of an untouched jungle habitat in Ecuador’s Amazon basin. Among the wild characters we meet are the predictably loud howler monkeys and mesmeric, marching leaf-cutter ants. AK

Bone Detectives: Britain’s Buried Secrets

8pm, Channel 4

There is a bumper haul of bones this week for palaeontologist Dr Tori Herridge and her team of scientists as they uncover a forgotten cemetery in Ipswich housing more than 1,400 bodies. With some skeletons dating back as far as the Anglo-Saxon era, Herridge learns of their causes of death. AK

The Wall

9.30pm, BBC One

Bronzed to within an inch of his life, the nation’s foremost Pinter fanboy and Thomas Cromwell descendant Danny Dyer returns with his dramatic Saturday night gameshow, where prizes can reach an impressive six-figures. First to take on the wall are County Antrim sisters Nichola and Paula. Hannah J Davies

The Beach: Isolation in Paradise

10.50pm, BBC Four

Despite his Mad Max jeep and hefty knife, Aussie film-maker Warwick Thornton initially seemed unsure he could survive in a remote shack on a stark peninsula. In the final double bill of his self-imposed exile, he has found his groove: fishing, cooking and self-reflecting. Graeme Virtue

Film choice

a person standing in front of a tree: Strength and determination ... Harriet. Photograph: Glen Wilson/AP

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Strength and determination … Harriet. Photograph: Glen Wilson/AP

Harriet, 11.40am; 8pm, Sky Cinema Premiere

The extraordinary story of Harriet Tubman, a US plantation slave who escaped to the north, then returned to lead others to freedom via the “underground railroad”, makes for a stirring biopic in the hands of director Kasi Lemmons. Cynthia Erivo as Tubman exudes strength and determination. Paul Howlett

Live sport

Premier League Football: Chelsea v Crystal Palace, 11.30am, BT Sport 1. From Stamford Bridge.

Rugby League Challenge Cup: Leeds Rhinos v Wigan Warriors, 2pm, BBC One. Semi-final day: Salford v Warrington follows on BBC Two.

Premier League Football: Leeds United v Manchester City, 5pm, Sky Sports Main Event. From Elland Road.

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