Parenting in today’s society is exhausting, so let’s be more like 90s moms | Momaha

They used this thing called their gut, and when they were struggling with something, they turned to family and friends for opinions and advice. Above all, they trusted they were making the right decision for their child because no one made them think otherwise.

While social media can be a huge advantage to raising children these days — finding support groups, play dates, birthday party ideas, etc. — I fear it’s only increased our anxiety and made us question if we’re equipped to handle this parenting gig at all.

What if we turned off the background noise? What if we made a concerted effort to care less about everyone else’s opinions of our parenting skills? More importantly, what if we made the same concerted effort not to judge other parents for their decisions — whether that be formula versus breastmilk, cloth diapers versus regular diapers or discipline versus punishment? The list is never-ending. We can choose to judge moms for going a different route than us, or simply accept that they made the best decision for their child.

We know parenting is exhausting. So why are we making it harder on ourselves? You and only you are fully equipped to raise your child. We weren’t meant to have all the answers. And if someone did, there would be a handbook by now. I’ve already searched on Pinterest. It’s not there. So put down your phone, show yourself some grace and go be present with your child. It may just give you the answers you were searching for.

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