Partisan Politics: The Enemy Of Effective Governing!

Have you noticed, it often, appears, the politicians, are discussing very similar issues and challenges, today, which we’ve heard, for decades? All we see, is constant, blaming and complaining, alongside, lots of empty promises, and rhetoric, but little movement, towards making any meaningful changes. While they sometimes make a change, what good is it, unless/ until, it’s consistently, for the better, rather than merely, symbolic, or some political gesture? For many years, we elected Presidents, who were considered within about 5% of the so – called, political middle, and, this created, an opportunity, to come to some, meeting – of – the – minds, for the common good! When an issue, which seems to make, as much common sense, as the recent proposal, to protect women, by limiting access to guns, by individuals, convicted of crimes, related to spousal abuse, and similar offenses, will probably, never, even, see the light – of – day, in the United States Senate, because a specific, major lobbying group, opposes it, it becomes obvious, there’s something wrong! In today’s political climate, when Democrats are the Majority Party, in the House of Representatives, and Republicans are the majority, in the Senate, and we have an unconventional President (President Trump), it seems, nothing ever gets done, which helps, most Americans. With that in mind, this article will attempt to consider, examine, review, and discuss, a few examples, which demonstrate, the harm, it does to our nation, and citizens.

1. Tax reform: Although, President Trump, and his Congressional allies (at the time, both houses of Congress, were controlled by Republicans), promised the so – called, tax – cut/ reform, legislation, would benefit the middle – class, most now recognize, it has predominantly benefited the wealthiest 1%, and larger corporations. The rhetoric promoted, corporations, would hire more people, raise salaries, and all would benefit, the vast majority of this corporate cost savings, went to stock – buybacks, and one – time, dividend payments, etc. Nearly every Republican supported this legislation, while almost all Democrats, opposed it, although, the legislation, has helped cause, record deficits, and few benefits for most of the middle class. If you happen to live in a high – SALT, state, which means, one, with high state and local taxes, the component capping tax deductions, has created, a tax increase for many living in these areas! Does anyone really believe, it’s a mere coincidence, the states, most adversely impacted, are those, which voted for Mr. Trump’s opponent, in 2016?

2. Climate change: The President and his political cronies, for the large – part, have, either denied climate change, or the degree of its danger and ramifications. This President disagrees with the scientists and experts, perhaps, because, he prefers, to favor his personal/ political agenda, and self – interest (such as supporting coal mining, dumping, etc, fracking, in areas, where his supporters, depend on these actions). Shouldn’t our policies be based on common good, instead?

3. The Wall: While nearly everyone, seems to agree, we need to enhance our border security, and public safety, most experts claim, Mr. Trump’s wall, is far more, a symbol, than a cost – effective, strategic direction, to pursue! Couldn’t our priorities, be better used, when his party, is willing to spend billions, on this wall, while doing nothing about infrastructure, fixing Flint’s water supply, and/ or, Puerto Rico’s recovery, from two devastating hurricanes?

Wake up, America, before the ramifications, of the partisan nature of today’s America, become far more negative, wasteful, and long – lasting! Demand your elected officials, proceed, with a combination of idealism, and pragmatism, so our nation, and its citizens, benefit, instead of the politicians!