Sponsor of ‘Breonna’s Law’ resumes protesting after arrest

The Louisville Jefferson County Democratic Party called for an investigation into Attica Scott’s arrest

After being arrested on Thursday along with a group of demonstrators, Rep. Attica Scott, the lawmaker who introduced a police reform bill known as “Breonna’s Law” was back on the streets with protestors on Friday.

Scott’s proposed bill would require police to use body cameras when serving warrants, as well as knocking and verbally announcing themselves during raids.

After the state attorney general announced Wednesday that no charges would be brought against police for the murder of Breonna Taylor, Rep. Scott joined several hundred protestors for the third night of demonstrations, NBC News reported.

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“Every day this week, the numbers have grown, especially after the unjust arrests this week,” Scott said, referring to the arrests of herself and others. “It’s beautiful, it’s amazing and it’s what we’ve been pushing for months now: love, community and solidarity.”

Scott’s arrest report stated that she was “part of a large group” ordered to disperse but that “failed to do so.” The report went on to say, “subjects caused extensive damage at multiple locations including setting fire to the Louisville Public Library.”

Protestors march in the street during a demonstration on September 23, 2020 in Louisville, Kentucky. (Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

According to the report Scott faced allegations of felony rioting, failure to disperse and unlawful assembly. Scott, however, disputed the allegations and claimed to be an advocate for the library.

In a Facebook post, U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth said “To accost, accuse, arrest and charge her with setting fire to a library of all things–apparently minutes before the curfew was even in effect–is as stupid as it is untrue.”

The Louisville Jefferson County Democratic Party said in a statement that Scott’s adult daughter, Ashanti Scott was also arrested on Thursday night and it called for an investigation into Scott’s arrest.

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On Friday night, Tameka Palmer, Taylor’s mother, led a group of protestors in the city’s center.

An attorney for the Taylor family, Lonita Baker, applauded the community for showing support and calling for justice.

“It’s what we needed,” Baker said. “When you see numbers like this come out, these people are going to turn into voting numbers.”

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