Jude Law’s 12-hour one-take livestream

The Third Day: Autumn

9.30am, Sky Arts

Immersive theatre pioneers Punchdrunk collaborate on this one-take, real-time live special of the eerie drama miniseries The Third Day. As Sam (Jude Law) found his reality increasingly merging with visions of bloody horror, he sought to escape the unnerving island in the closing part of the previous section, Summer. With things ending on a typically uncertain note, he is now joined by fellow cast member Katherine Waterston as well as singer Florence Welch in an acting role for this marathon 12-hour event. Ammar Kalia

IRL With Team Charlene

9.05am, ITV

ITV newsreader Charlene White is on a mission to educate kids about racism and help them reject fake news. In this lively show she tackles questions about the Black Lives Matter movement, why people have different skin colours and other queries that TikTok and Instagram can’t be trusted to answer. Hannah Verdier


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