5 Ways, Today’s Abnormal Politics, Produces Unwanted Ramifications

Regardless of one’s personal/ political agenda, positions, preferences, etc, it should be quite obvious, these times aren’t normal! For the first two centuries, of this nation’s existence and history, we elected individuals, to serve, in the highest positions, in the land, whose political positions, were, largely, close to the middle, of the spectrum! In fact, many historians proclaimed, most of these people, fell within, approximately, five percent, of the middle. In 1980, when Ronald Reagan, was elected President, he held several positions, which fell outside that range, but, on many others, his policies were standard. However, when Donald Trump was elected President, in November, 2016, this nation began its path, along unchartered waters, and many historians, believe, we have never witnessed, in this country, the policies, behavior, actions, and/ or, rhetoric, which he has used! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, … Read More