Three former AGs say Trump is the candidate of chaos, not ‘law and order’

There is national conversation underway about policing and criminal justice reform. But for Minnesotans, this is personal.

As former Minnesota attorneys general, we understand that doing the job effectively means working with everyone in the community, from residents to community leaders to law enforcement officials. We know that the vast majority of people want a justice system that works for everyone and keeps our communities safe. And like most Minnesotans, we believe that during times of crisis such as this, steady and unifying leadership is required from the highest office in the land.

Instead of uniting our country and calming tensions, President Donald Trump and his allies have sought to further fan the flames of violence and racial tension, and they have politicized our state’s pain. The Trump campaign is running ads in our state that falsely characterize Trump as the “law and order” president, when the reality is that

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