Senate set to approve bill just hours before government will shut down


The U.S. has reached 200,000 deaths from the coronavirus. Now experts are looking ahead, and the forecast for the fall and winter isn’t good.


WASHINGTON – The Senate prepared Wednesday evening to vote on a spending measure to keep federal agencies running hours before the government was set to shut down.

The legislation, which is likely to pass in a largely bipartisan vote, would go to President Donald Trump, who is likely to give final approval to the bill. The federal annual spending bill expires at midnight, meaning Congress has to act Wednesday to keep the government open.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said during his weekly news conference Wednesday that the chamber would pass the bill “sometime tonight.” 

A government shutdown in the midst of a global pandemic could be devastating as many Americans struggling financially because of COVID-19 are more reliant on the federal

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Canada Expects to Approve New COVID-19 Tests Soon, Government Official Says | World News

TORONTO (Reuters) – Health Canada expects to authorize new antigen tests for COVID-19 soon, a senior government official said on Tuesday, in an effort to provide additional testing as a second wave of novel coronavirus infections overwhelms laboratories.

Antigen tests can provide rapid results outside of a lab, but may be less accurate than some lab-based diagnostic tests. They are already widely used in the United States and elsewhere.

“We have a number of them under review at the moment – it is our priority,” Supriya Sharma, senior medical advisor for Health Canada, said during a media briefing. “For some of them we are, I think, very close to having a final decision.”

Sharma said the tests under review could be used outside of healthcare settings.

While other countries have approved new ways to test for COVID-19 in recent months, like rapid point-of-care tests, much of Canada is stuck with

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