Civil society’s attempt to usurp State powers must be condemned

The Herald

Ranga Mataire Writing Black

Since the 1980s, the world has seen a resurgence of global neo-liberal agendas dominating the intellectual, political and moral space and vision.

One of the tragic consequences of this unrestrained liberal domination is the notion of a failed state and assumption of unblemished image of success of civil society or non-governmental organisations.

There is a fervent attempt to demote the State in favour of civil society that is often presented as the moral compass that should be financially supported vigorously.

Many must be aware of the boisterous declarations by some Western embassies that they are the biggest donors in Zimbabwe.

However, much of this financial support is not channelled to the State, but goes to civil society and non-governmental organisations. The State is often viewed as morally inept.

A regrettable fact that has emerged over the years is that the discourse of a “failed

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