Does the Law of Attraction Work?

”Be careful what you wish for”, the famous saying we all blurt out in our day to day conversations. This saying is so powerful as I associate it with the ”law of attraction”, attracting like for like. What we put out there is what we receive, do you believe in that law, that we are part of the universal matrix of energy and frequencies? The energy that we expend out there we get the same back. We are governed by laws of the universe we live in, what others may term as ”karma”. People often say they find the things they don’t like manifest in their reality quicker than what they truly love. That I find is how our mindset is designed, we are creatures of fear, and let’s remember, fear is an emotion as much as happiness and sadness are. We fear a lot about lack of money, no … Read More

Hollywood – Weapon of Mass Attraction or Weapon of Mass Destruction for the US?

Introduction: The full name of the book is “American Idol after Iraq” which is published by Blackwell – Wiley in 2009. The author of the book Nathan Gardels has been the editor of New Perspectives Quarterly since it began publishing in 1985. He has written widely for the daily papers and journals since mid 1980s and he has been a Media Leader of the World Economic Forum (Davos) as well. Apart, he has given speeches in Islamic Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (IESCO). Gardels holds degree on Theory and Comparative Politics from UCLA. His co-author Mike Medavoy has had a very active role in making large number of Hollywood movies. Throughout his career in Hollywood, he has been active in politics as well. In 1992 and 1996 he advocated Bill Clinton and in 2008 he was in favor of Barack H. Obama. He was born in Shanghai, of Russian-Jewish parents; … Read More

Law of Attraction – Step by Step to Attracting Job Promotion

The Law of Attraction can be used for a number of things apart from the obvious money, which everyone wants to attract more of. If you’re working for a company and there is a job promotion, you can apply the law of attraction to attract that job promotion for yourself. Here are the steps.

1. Do Whatever Is Necessary To Get The Promotion

As soon as you know about the possible promotion, start to concentrate on doing whatever is necessary to make yourself stand out from others. Take your job even more seriously and try to make a perfect job of it. If possible, try to over-deliver on the outcome with whatever you’re doing.

When you’re doing some particular work in the company, say to yourself that your superior or the main boss, will be very pleased when they see the end-result. This is self affirmation and one technique that … Read More

The Law Of Attraction In Action – The Path of Desperation Vs Letting Go To Achieve Your Life Goals

We’ve all had those times in life where we wanted something so badly, that we could taste it, feel it, or hear it. You know what I’m talking about. It could be the girl of your dreams, the car of your dreams or just that dream job you’ve always wanted. One thing is for sure, we all have been there.

When it comes to wanting things really badly, the word that comes to my head is ‘desperation’.

From my experience, nothing drives a goal further away from you as desperation.

It’s kind of funny though that some schools of thoughts equate being desperate about a goal, or wanting it so badly, is showing the universe or God how serious you are about that goal or objective.

Oh really?

I personally think not. It is my experience that wanting something so badly, or being desperate about it only leads to one … Read More

Humility – One of the Most Powerful Allies of the Law of Attraction

When approaching any new learning endeavor in life there is a mindset that trumps all others. With the Law of Attraction the same applies and even more so than usual.

Here’s an interesting question!

Do you believe monks, presidents, CEOs and other elite people in high stations still value learning? An even better question is: Do you believe that they are humble in their approach to learning?

The simple and undoubted answer is a resounding YES.

Men such as the ones we see who have succeeded, achieved and made a name for themselves are the most ferocious learners. They learn, read, study and meditate on their fields of endeavors all of the time. You can call it their obsession. Don’t believe me? Just read Napoleon Hills work and closely monitor the men he observed – how they behaved and operated on a daily basis.

The ability to be a humble … Read More

Telekinesis – Law of Attraction

Telekinesis has been regarded for years as fantasy or myth, and as of lately, even been considered a scam through the internet, for attention or publicity. Though, much like any other faith, or religion, it must be experienced, in order to believe. It is easy to point at something, and call it fake or illusion, just because you don’t understand it, or refuse to take a leap of “faith” in an area which is unfamiliar to you. Often peoples greatest comfort in these sorts of areas is science, but it in itself is a religion like others.

There is a distinct difference though, between conventional religion and science. Where those who point a finger, taking a stance next to science believing that all the facts have been accumulated and presented, showing a severe lack of evidence of telekinesis or any phenomenon like it. This is where the line is drawn. … Read More

Law of Attraction: The Manifestation Timeline

One of the biggest question (if not the biggest) surrounding the whole subject of the Law of Attraction or The Secret, is time; how long does it take to manifest my desires? And if you re-watch The Secret, James Arthur Ray mentioned this phenomenon briefly when people start using the Law of Attraction.

Once someone learns about the Law of Attraction, they become excited about it and they test it out. After a while, they don’t see the result coming (even though in reality, that result is really starting to break through to them), they say to themselves, “you know what, this stuff doesn’t work” and join the haters club.

Clearly there’s a gap of understanding when it comes to the timeline. I believe that a shift is required, when discussing the timeline for manifesting with the Law of Attraction.

Most questions revolve around “how long before I get … Read More

The Top 10 Law of Attraction Teachers – Real Masters of Manifesting

Learning how to manifest your desires is easy when you start with a excellent teacher. Here are the top 10 law of attraction teachers that I recommend to my clients and students. Each of them offers a slightly different take on the attraction process, but each one of them will help you transform your life if you apply the ideas they share!

  1. Esther Hicks / Abraham – Considered by many to be the number one contemporary source of law of attraction, (LOA), teachings. Esther Hicks channels Abraham, a collection of non-physical beings, has written several books, and has a regular schedule of LOA workshops across the United States. Esther was in the original version of “The Secret”, but was replaced due to conflicts over the marketing of the film.
  2. Dr. Wayne Dyer – The LOA is plainly evident in Dr. Wayne Dyer’s work. Often called the father of motivation, Wayne
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What’s the Difference Between the Law of Attraction and Overconfidence?

The essence of the law of attraction is this: think good things, and good things will come to you. Is this just more self-help psychobabble? Or can it really be true? Many people wonder if the law of attraction isn’t really a law at all, just something in your head that you fool yourself into believing. Is the law of attraction just a form of overconfidence?

First, let’s get it straight that confidence and the law of attraction are definitely related. While they’re not the same thing, they work together a lot of the time. When you have desires for more money, love, or success, you need to believe that you’ll get it.

Otherwise all sorts of conflicting messages will be bouncing around in your head: “but if I don’t get that promotion…”, “of course I may fail at this…”, or my personal favorite “I’ve got to have a Plan … Read More

Is The Law Of Attraction Fake?

In the film The Secret, the main message is that thoughts become things. So by thinking more positively, you can create a better life? Is this marketing fluff or is this a real science?

The law of attraction has been around some time. Napoleon Hill made the term popular in 1937 in his book Think and Grow Rich but it was around long before then too. Thought “leaders” used the term in success essays and it is thought to have grown from the teachings of Phineas Quimby in the early 19th Century:

“The trouble is in the mind, for the body is only the house for the mind to dwell in, and we put a value on it according to its worth. Therefore if your mind has been deceived by some invisible enemy into a belief, you have put it into the form of a disease, with or without your … Read More