What Are Government Car Auctions?

When the federal government arrests drug dealers, terrorists, or other criminals, they often seize the car. Every so often, citizens are given the opportunity to buy these cars in government car auctions. Let us continue further by giving you some more information on these car auctions…

Some people may not want a car that has a questionable past. Although cars seized by the government were once involved in crimes, buying a car from the government is perfectly safe.

This consideration aside, the cars you get at these types of auctions are often the best deals you will get on cars anywhere. Most of the automobiles are in excellent shape, and the government is usually willing to let them go at significantly lower prices than you would find elsewhere. The US Government is in serious debt right now, so it is happy to make any profit at all off of the … Read More

Government Repossessed Car Auctions – How to Hunt Them Down

You probably know a thing or two about government repossessed car auctions and are interested to buy a car there at a huge discount. Or you could be interested to resell them for profits. Whatever reason that may have sparked your interest, you do need to know how to locate these government repossessed car auctions.

All good things do not come easy. The fact that these auctions are hardly publicized makes it quite a challenge to find it. If you are fortunate, you may hear it from someone in the know or simply are in the business. This is why many cheap auto auctions come and go without you even knowing that they exist. What can you do to prevent this from happening and get posted of the ongoing government seized auto auctions?

Some people have resorted to conduct their detailed search. Reading the local and national newspapers for auction … Read More

Cheap Repo and Seized Cars for Sale at Free Government Auctions

If your idea of a great deal on a car is paying thousands less then its current value then you might want to consider trying one of the free government auctions that occur around the country every week. Cheap repo and seized cars for sale are the most prevalent items to be found at these auctions so you stand a good chance of scoring a great deal. And the best part is it doesn’t cost anything to attend a government auction, you just need to be at least eighteen years of age with a valid driver’s license.

You will find all makes and models from every model year at a repossessed car auction. All of which will be offered at well below Blue Book price for the simple fact that the government simply wants to get rid of them. As long as the administrative costs of processing and auctioning off … Read More

Can You Really Get a Great Deal With Government Auto Auctions?

People sometimes wonder whether or not they can actually get a great deal by participating in government auto auctions. Naturally, most people assume that if it sounds too good to be true — it probably is. Therefore, a lot of people don’t even bother going to these auctions because they assume that the quality of the vehicles that will be found at these auctions will simply be substandard.

The truth of the matter is that you can actually save a lot of money and get some fantastic deals by taking advantage of what you’ll find at a government auto auction. Usually, these are vehicles that are in good working condition that have been seized by the government for a variety of different reasons. When you stop and think about that for a moment, doesn’t it make you feel a bit more confident in what you’d be getting? Remember, these were … Read More

Government Auto Auctions – Cars Under 500 Dollars?

Until recently, used car prices had been going through the roof. They started getting cheaper when gas headed toward $4 a gallon, and then when the credit crisis hit, and there were a lot of repos on the market, they got even cheaper. Now that gas is back down under $2, they’ve gone back up somewhat, but they’re still cheaper than a while back. Of course, “cheap” is a relative term, and one man’s bargain is another man’s extravagance. What if you need a car fast, and you only have five hundred bucks? I’d head for government auto auctions. Cars under 500 dollars are available there.

Now, don’t get me wrong. At government auto auctions, cars under 500 dollars aren’t a dime a dozen. They really aren’t even plentiful. But you stand a very good chance of finding one or two such bargains at any given government auction you attend. … Read More

GSA Government Auctions

The General Services Administration (GSA) is an independent agency of the U.S. government that was established to help manage and support the basic functioning of federal agencies. The GSA supplies products and communications to U.S. government offices and provides transportation and office space to federal employees, among other things. Many of the goods purchased by the GSA become surplus goods and are then auctioned off to the public at greatly discounted prices. Think of it as the government’s way of recouping any of it’s spending for these items.

There are two reasons why these goods become surplus. The first is rather easy: the government basically purchased too many items for federal offices and wndeavors. In this case, typically the items are almost always brand new. Nonetheless, the initial bid for these surplus goods will often start at a small fraction of what was paid for the item. The second reason … Read More

Government Auto Auctions

Throughout these monetary hardships, people must make the most of each opportunity in making their life steady. He argues how the government can endorse enslavement of a large majority of individuals which are in the same pursuit of freedom that we founded this country on just 100 years earlier and concurrently invade and impose a management very similar to that control we were underneath, once more just 100 years ago.

Nonetheless, a majority of Individuals imagine that their existing Constitution is out-of-date in a world where their Constitution’s definition of struggle is itself out-of-date, and when politicians seek a nationwide office for the benefits and security an office gives them personally, there’ll come a time to outline America’s hopes and desires more clearly, and construction a clearer path forward to their achievement.

Though our government is just not good, Romans 13:1-7 says that we should always respect it. So long … Read More