AU$7.4 billion tied up in active Australian government IT projects

The Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) in early 2017 was charged with looking into the structures of existing Australian government high-cost technology projects over AU$10 million.

Previously, the agency would provide status reports on these projects but that information is no longer provided freely.

Documents received by ZDNet under freedom of information (FOI) in January revealed there were 62 active tech-related projects above AU$10 million underway by the federal government, but the details surrounding how much has been spent to date — and how many of the projects went above the budgeted amount — were refused under the FOI.

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In its Annual Report 2019-20 [PDF] published this week, the DTA revealed the total amount of funds tied up in government IT projects, although that figure only accounts for funds as of January 2020.

As of January, AU$7.4 billion was

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Meet Billionaire Politician Tom Steyer’s Wife, A Pioneering Impact Investor On A Mission To Spend $1 Billion Righting Society’s Wrongs

Kat Taylor started a bank, a venture capital firm and an agribusiness to use capitalism’s toolbox to fight systemic racism, environmental destruction and economic inequality.

On March 1st, as she gathered with thousands of others to march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama on the 55th anniversary of Bloody Sunday, Kat Taylor burst into a rendition of Aretha Franklin’s “Do Right Woman, Do Right Man.” These days, Taylor is best known as the singing spouse of billionaire climate change activist and ex-Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer. But in the world of impact investing, she’s famous in her own right for the breadth and ambition of her efforts, as well as her musical shtick. Indeed, Taylor’s efforts are the big reason the couple made the Forbes Impact 50 for 2020.

Way back in 2007 (the stone age in impact investing), Taylor and Steyer launched an idea they’d talked

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HCA Healthcare to Return $6 Billion in Government Virus Aid

(Bloomberg) — HCA Healthcare Inc. plans to return $6 billion in emergency virus-relief aid received earlier this year, after the immediate business squeeze caused by the pandemic waned for the largest publicly traded U.S. hospital operator.

graphical user interface: In this photo illustration the HCA Healthcare logo is seen displayed on a smartphone.

© Photographer: SOPA Images/LightRocket
In this photo illustration the HCA Healthcare logo is seen displayed on a smartphone.

The company will return its federal relief funds, which include $4.4 billion in accelerated Medicare payments and a $1.6 billion distribution from the Provider Relief Fund. Under the latter program, Congress allocated $175 billion for hospitals and other medical providers, largely in grants that don’t need to be repaid.


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The relief grants allocated under the CARES Act were initially sent to help medical providers deal with lost revenue and additional expenses related to Covid. In guidance last month, the government said lost revenue would be calculated as a drop in year-over-year net operating income.

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Exxon in Guyana: Government approves $9 billion oil-drilling project

  • The small South American country of Guyana is home to immense offshore oil reserves that Exxon is planning to extract.
  • The company already has two drilling projects, and on Wednesday the government approved a third, further cementing the oil giant’s role in the country’s economic future. 
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Exxon, the largest oil company in the West, strengthened its grip on Guyana’s oil riches on Wednesday as it received government approval for a third oil-drilling project, set to produce crude by 2024.

The small South American country is a critical piece of the oil giant’s future as it looks to extract oil cheaply. On Thursday, the price of crude was down about 38% relative to the start of the year,

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UK government spent half a billion on COVID-19 ventilators for NHS

Staff at Penlon test ventilators ahead of them being shipped out to the NHS, in Abingdon, England. Photo: Steve Parsons/PA via AP
Staff at Penlon test ventilators ahead of them being shipped out to the NHS, in Abingdon, England. Photo: Steve Parsons/PA via AP

The UK government spent over half a billion pounds buying extra ventilators for the NHS as the COVID-19 pandemic struck, a report has found.

The National Audit Office (NAO) on Wednesday said the Department of Health & Social Care and the Cabinet Office had jointly spent £569m ($727m) buying over 25,000 ventilators since March.

In a largely positive report, the NAO found the government prioritised speed over cost when acquiring ventilators as the pandemic first hit the UK. Despite this, Whitehall still managed to put in place “reasonable” safeguards to ensure money was not wasted and the government has managed to recoup some losses by reselling parts.

“The government acted quickly to secure the thousands of ventilators it thought it may need to safeguard public health,” said Gareth

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Brazil government posts $17 billion budget deficit in August as emergency spending continues apace

By Jamie McGeever

FILE PHOTO: A man checks his mobile phone as a woman riding a bike passes next to a big Brazilian flag in Sao Paulo

© Reuters/NACHO DOCE
FILE PHOTO: A man checks his mobile phone as a woman riding a bike passes next to a big Brazilian flag in Sao Paulo

BRASILIA (Reuters) – Brazil’s government posted a primary budget deficit of 96.1 billion reais ($17 billion) in August, the Treasury said on Monday, as the coronavirus crisis continued to necessitate huge emergency spending.


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The deficit, excluding interest payments, was slightly less than the 98.7 billion reais deficit economists in a Reuters poll had predicted. The shortfall, excluding interest payments, expanded in the first eight months of the year to 601.3 billion reais.

That compares with an accumulated deficit of 52.1 billion reais in the same period last year, Treasury said.

In the 12 months to August, the deficit totaled 647.8 billion reais, or 9% of gross domestic product, Treasury said. The government’s 2020 forecast is for a record-busting

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Qatar Airways Receives $2 Billion Government Bailout

The Qatari government has given a QR7.3 billion ($2 billion) bailout to its loss-making airline Qatar Airways, to help it through the multiple crises it is facing.

It matches the $2 billion in support the Dubai government gave to rival airline Emirates last month to help it weather the shutdown of most international air travel as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Like Emirates, Qatar Airways has had to deal with the healthcare emergency, but on top of that it has faced the ongoing boycott of its home country by neighbours Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE since June 2017. That has forced the airline to cut lucrative routes to those countries

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