Ohio humane society rescues cats from unsanitary pet rescue

An Ohio pet rescue where employees were previously convicted of treating hundreds of cats inhumanely is again under investigation.

The Lake Humane Society in northeast Ohio says it rescued 161 cats from Caroline’s Kids Pet Rescue & Sanctuary in Concord Township on Sept. 25. Forty-nine cats were found dead at the pet rescue, the humane society said.

A complaint about conditions of the cats and the facility led the humane society to the pet rescue, it wrote in a Sept 28 Facebook post. The humane society found the cats in “unsanitary conditions,” it said on Facebook.

A picture the humane society posted shows feces and a syringe in a dirty sink at the facility.

The cats were surrendered to the humane society Monday and some are being treated for various ailments, including upper respiratory infection and “infestation of fleas and ringworm,” according to Lake Humane Society.

In 2016, four employees

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Humane Society takes 161 cats from Lake County pet sanctuary

CONCORD TOWNSHIP, Ohio — The Lake Humane Society removed 161 living cats and nearly 50 dead cats from a Concord Township pet sanctuary that has had legal troubles in the past.

The Humane Society used a search warrant on Friday at Caroline’s Kids Pet Rescue & Sanctuary at the corner of Morley and Hoose roads, according to a news release from the Humane Society. Officials said they were responding to a complaint from a resident who was concerned about the conditions in the shelter.

An agent with the Humane Society and a veterinarian reportedly found unsanitary conditions in the pet sanctuary, saying most of the cats were in critical condition. Forty-nine dead cats were removed from the house and 161 were taken to the Humane Society for treatment for medical conditions such as upper respiratory infections, panleukopenia, stomatitis, flea infestation and ringworm.

Painesville Municipal Court has ordered that the

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Lake Humane Society seizes 161 cats in Concord Township

CLEVELAND — On Friday, Sept. 25, Lake Humane Society executed a search warrant in Concord Township at the location known to house “Caroline’s Kids Pet Rescue & Sanctuary.” 

The Lake Humane Society received a complaint from a concerned community member about the conditions of the cats and the facility they were living in. 

Upon entry, the Lake Humane Society Humane Agent and veterinarian observed unsanitary conditions and determined the medical state of a majority of the cats was critical. 49 dead cats were removed from the property and 161 live cats were transported to Lake Humane Society to receive treatment for various ailments such as URI (Upper Respiratory Infection), Panleukopenia, Stomatitis, infestation of fleas and Ringworm.

On Monday, the Painesville Municipal Court determined that there was probable cause for the seizure and the cats were subsequently surrendered to Lake Humane Society. Once the investigation is concluded, the case will be

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