RMC to get administrative control of housing society – Newspaper

RAWALPINDI: The Punjab government has decided to hand over administrative control of the Urban Housing Society Satellite Town from the Department of Housing to the Rawalpindi Metropolitan Corporation (RMC).

A senior divisional administration official told Dawn that all the matters will be settled by the housing and local government secretaries.

The case will be sent to the provincial cabinet for final approval.

He said the provincial government has asked the local administration to make arrangements, after which the RMC will be responsible for providing all the civic facilities.

When contacted, Commissioner retired Capt Mohammad Mehmood said there are administrative problems that need to be resolved.

Mr Mehmood, who is also the administrator of Rawalpindi, said: “The secretaries of both the departments have been apprised of the situation. The matter is now in the Cabinet Division for approval.”

The Satellite Town scheme was set up by the government in 1952-54 under

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Social Control During the Roman Empire – Politics

Politics are a central instigator for social control as they set out the guidelines for how a culture is directed. During ancient Rome a number of political themes were in evidence as part of gladiatorial spectacles that exhibited social control. The rhetorician and advocate Fronto (no date) was well aware of the political power of the gladiatorial spectacle. He provides a fascinating insight into the political structure of the time, claiming that:

the human drives that lead men to demand the grain dole are less powerful than those which lead them to desire spectacle (Fronto no date, Letters 2.18.9-17)

Fronto is inferring that the power of spectacle outweighs that of life itself; in order to live the Romans require the grain. This is possibly a slightly exaggerated view point expressed by Fronto, as without life the Roman people would not be able to view the spectacle, however it does … Read More

Why It Is Easy To Control People When They Are Afraid – Same In Private Life As In Politics

I wonder why people of today think they are better than those of ancient times, when those same people are the ones who fully understood the ramifications of human cloning; they were fully aware that letting cloning take root would allow for doubles to roam freely among us.

Trump’s motivation of power and his admiration of Putin place him along the lines of worst dictators this world has seen; he lurks for control and hungers for a hidden power, both of which align well with self-centered ambitions of a tyrant.

Donald is an empty man, keenly anxious and hungry to see the victory of his cause; he watches the successes of dictators such as Putin and Jong-un with breathless interest, and does not seem concerned at all with their affiliations and theoretical assertions and ideological constructions of their incitement of power. He either fails to understand fully the distinction between … Read More