UCI law professor says undercover policing creates criminals

Undercover police stings aren’t effective at combating crime rates and create criminals out of people who possibly wouldn’t otherwise commit crimes, according to a new article by a UC Irvine law professor.

In “The Dangers of Police-Created Crime,” Katie Tinto describes how undercover policing has evolved from focusing on larger crimes to low-level offenses, which tends to “ensnare” vulnerable people.

“Is this effective and cost efficient policing?” Tinto said in a phone interview. “We suggest the answer is no, that we are actually creating criminals. It’s not at all clear that these individuals would commit these crimes were it not for undercover police officers presenting the opportunity.”

Tinto said that rather than targeting high-level drug kingpins, officers are more likely to run a sting operation on vulnerable individuals like a homeless drug addict on Skid Row.

Undercover policing was born of the idea that some criminals are very hard to

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Do Criminals Ever Pay Their Complete Debt to Society?

With a third Trump Supreme Court nominee, leftist ‘peaceful protesters’ are kicking up their heels. Given the gargantuan number of crimes that have occurred in Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Minneapolis, Kenosha, Chicago, Milwaukee, Miami, New York, Atlanta, Louisville, and scores of other cities, maybe the criminals, rioters, looters, ‘peaceful protesters,’ Marxists, and outright thugs find strength in numbers.

As long as they commit a series of crimes en masse, then perhaps the police, state troopers, National Guard, FBI, Department of Justice, and all other agencies and organizations involved in maintaining law and order will not be able to keep up. Maybe they will not be able to identify all of the perpetrators, round them up, charge them accordingly, build an effective case, and prosecute them.

Identified and Processed

Whether or not this is true remains to be seen. With the widespread availability of cell phones, surveillance cameras, and other

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