Society’s recent pandemic shifts call for careful investment decision-making

Let’s consider how the world has changed in the past six months. Physical distancing is now the rule and working from home has emerged as a secular post-COVID-19 theme. A lot of people don’t seem to want to hear this, but it is true nonetheless. Not everyone prefers to work from home but a whole lot more do, now they have a taste of what it is like not to have to spend money on business attire, or spend two hours every day fighting traffic.

KPMG just conducted a U.S. study and found that miles driven are down 10 per cent year over year and that includes all the road vacations that have replaced travel by air. The University of Chicago weighed in with a survey of its own and estimated that Americans working from home are saving 60 million commuter hours each workday. The poll also shows that 52.3

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