Disasters Occur In A Political Space

Although there are those who would disagree, Natural Disasters are probably not driven by politics, but nor are they immune from politics. Far from it. The actions taken by human actors undoubtedly affect the prevention, mitigation, and damage of natural disasters and their aftermath.

The ‘shock’ refers to the natural act itself e.g. the earthquake. The ‘aftershock’ comes later. Post-earthquake 2010-2012 in Christchurch, New Zealand, the Earthquake Commission, the Canterbury Earthquake Authority, the Christchurch City Council, and the Government of the day equate to the net impact of the ‘aftershock’ on the population – the physical ‘disaster’ is far from the whole event. It is also made up of those shocking post-disaster events, such as delayed insurance payouts, top-down authoritarian decisions, ineptitude of professional bodies, evidence of corruption in the post-quake city – and the list goes on…

Though governments are supposed to care about the social welfare of their … Read More

Fake News And Distrustful Government Leadership During Disasters

Why doesn’t anyone ever check the news on non-political topics? It seems there has been a big smoke screen lately when it comes to Natural Disasters. We are constantly being told such events are the “Worst” ever in history. Just recently, we saw Hurricane Harvey flood out Houston TX area, they told us it was the worst Hurricane damage ever. Not true. They told us such a flood in that region was unprecedented, also not true, Houston has big flood events at least twice per decade, yes, this was the worst in years, but hardly the worst in history – just more people there now to be flooded out.

The very next week there was a big brush fire (dubbed: The La Tuna Fire) in Southern California, in LA County near Burbank and Glendale CA. It burned around 7,000 plus acres. He told us it was the biggest fire in … Read More