Derelict police station in Bradford included on Victorian Society’s list of endangered buildings

A crumbling 19th-century police station in Bradford with architectural merit has been included in the Victorian Society’s annual list of buildings under threat.

Wednesday, 30th September 2020, 6:00 am

The old police station on Bavaria Place

The impressive gothic building on Bavaria Place in Manningham occupies a corner plot, but has been derelict for over 20 years since West Yorkshire Police vacated the site in favour of more modern facilities.

It was built in 1877 by architects Milnes and France, and despite its size has been described as ‘surprisingly ornate’.

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The Victorian Society has included the property in its annual list of 19th-century gems desperately in need of restoration. Buildings from the Edwardian period are also featured.

The police station is the only Yorkshire entry this year. In 2019, the abandoned railway tunnel at Queensbury, near

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Wolves, Politics And The Endangered Species Act

The fact that wolves have been removed from the Endangered Species Act has created waves nationwide. Two precedents have been set with the delisting of this species. First of all, Congress has never removed a species from the Endangered Species Act before. Second of all, the way the removal came about was alarming. The removal was an annex to a disputed bill and came about after a long political battle that began while George Bush was president.

Many environmentalists are alarmed at this turn of events and their concerns are valid. The environment is a complex place; even scientists do not purport to know all that there is to know about conservation and endangered species. Politicians naturally know a lot less than scientists and yet they have given themselves the power to allow a previously endangered species to be hunted and shot.

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