EXCLUSIVE-EU chair Germany proposes rule of law scheme for getting bloc’s cash – document

BRUSSELS, Sept 28 (Reuters) – European Union chair Germany has proposed a rule of law conditionality scheme for accessing the bloc’s funds, including the new 750 billion euro coronavirus economic recovery fund, according to a document seen by Reuters.

The proposal is a basis for negotiations between the 27 EU member states – which in July agreed to such a mechanism but left it watered down to avoid a veto from Poland or Hungary – and the European Parliament.

EU lawmakers want to beef up the mechanism, meaning that the German proposal – sticking closely to the July agreement reached at a leaders’ summit after four days of tortuous talks – is all but certain to cause an outcry.

According to the German document, punishments for rule of law breaches would include suspending EU funding and be decided by a majority vote of EU member states acting on a recommendation

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