Famous quilt celebrating Black history stolen, found and returned to the Oregon Historical Society

A famous quilt made in the 1970s to teach Black history and shown around the country during the 1976 United States Bicentennial celebration was stolen from the lobby of the Oregon Historical Society in Portland Sunday.

Police recovered the priceless quilt a few blocks from the museum, said museum executive Director Kerry Tymchuk. The theft occurred amid violent protests Sunday night in downtown Portland, several prominent statues were toppled and nearly a dozen windows were broken at the society’s pavilion lobby.

Tymchuk said the Afro-American Heritage Bicentennial Quilt is in one piece, but it was left out in the rain and some of the fabric colors have run.

The museum’s curatorial staff is drying it out, removing leaves and other debris, and mitigating the damage.

Vandalism to the museum building is estimated to cost about $25,000.

The historic quilt is no longer being displayed, but an online panel discussion scheduled

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Steve Barnes of the famous Cellino & Barnes law firm dies in plane crash

Steve Barnes, a prominent New York attorney who was one-half of the famed Cellino & Barnes law firm, has reportedly died. Barnes was killed along with his niece, Elizabeth Barnes, in a small plane crash in western New York Friday.

NBC New York reported that a single-engine Socata TBM-700 traveling from Manchester, New Hampshire crashed at about 11:45 a.m. in a wooded area near Pembroke, New York. Genesee County Sheriff William Sheron told reporters that a man and a woman were killed and that there were no survivors. Barnes was a registered pilot and he is believed to have been the pilot of the small plane.

Ross Cellino, Barnes’ longtime partner, said in a statement, “It is with great sadness that I learned of the tragic passing of Steve Barnes in a plane crash. Steve and I worked together for many years at our firm. He was always a fearless

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Famous Trojans

Setting aside the common notion that politics involves government and political management in a corporation like a state or neighborhood. Colombia’s departments, stretching from Panama to Venezuela along the nation’s northern coast, have lengthy been held by paramilitary commanders who act both publicly and behind the scenes to control political candidates on the municipal, gubernatorial, and national levels.

In addition to this, the “Pure”, a hair model which evolved into a cultural and political statement for black women and men, and the dashiki, which grew to become the dominant form of dress for African People, were consultant of the African centric perspective of blacks.

Equally essential, John Locke’s Second Treatise on Authorities (1690) set forth a theory of government primarily based not on divine proper however on contract, and contended that the individuals, endowed with natural rights of life, liberty and property, had the precise to rebel when governments violated … Read More