Society 5.0 needs Digital Asset Fintech Hubs

Japan’s “Society 5.0” refers to the fifth stride in human civilization evolution to create a “super-smart” future society which leverages the technological innovations of the current fourth industrial revolution (4IR) to achieve economic advancement and
embed these in society to solve people’s problems so that they can live better lives. And Digital Asset Fintech Hubs can play a key part in that project. Let’s take a look at the reasons.

Society 5.0 addresses a number of key pillars: Infrastructure, Fintech (including blockchain), Healthcare, Logistics and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Whilst the pandemic has accelerated 4IR development through rapid digital transformation, it will also be the catalyst to kick start Society 5.0. Nations which harness this effectively will become the super societies of the future. Taking Fintech to the
next level will be essential for such enablement to reinvent the way financial services are conducted.

How can Fintech Hubs become smarter?


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