Humility – One of the Most Powerful Allies of the Law of Attraction

When approaching any new learning endeavor in life there is a mindset that trumps all others. With the Law of Attraction the same applies and even more so than usual.

Here’s an interesting question!

Do you believe monks, presidents, CEOs and other elite people in high stations still value learning? An even better question is: Do you believe that they are humble in their approach to learning?

The simple and undoubted answer is a resounding YES.

Men such as the ones we see who have succeeded, achieved and made a name for themselves are the most ferocious learners. They learn, read, study and meditate on their fields of endeavors all of the time. You can call it their obsession. Don’t believe me? Just read Napoleon Hills work and closely monitor the men he observed – how they behaved and operated on a daily basis.

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Humility Is a Lie – A Construct of Society

If lying is bad and deception is wrong, then how come we work so hard to ensure that people lie and deceive – you know the little white lies? One example of this is how we force others to be humble, but why, is it so we can feel good about ourselves? Shouldn’t we really want to know when someone is confident, capable and achieved – why all the pretense, why is that considered a virtue?

In many cases humility is a lie, it is purposely downplaying one’s abilities, since when is lying honorable? Pretending to be nothing when you are something is holding your cards very close to the vest. Why? Going through life at a super-humility level may give someone the edge in a cunning sort of Machaivellian way, but it is still living a lie, the lie of political correctness.

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