Amnesty International halts work in India, blaming government ‘witch hunt’

Amnesty International India employees at their headquarters in Bangalore in February 2019. <span class="copyright">(Aijaz Rahi / Associated Press)</span>
Amnesty International India employees at their headquarters in Bangalore in February 2019. (Aijaz Rahi / Associated Press)

Amnesty International has suspended its work in India after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government froze the group’s bank accounts over alleged fundraising violations, the human rights organization said Tuesday.

The Nobel Peace Prize-winning watchdog said it has been the target of an “incessant witch hunt” by the Indian government for its work, including campaigning for the rights of citizens in the disputed territory of Kashmir and documenting police abuses.

The group has been hounded by Indian investigators for the past two years, is regularly vilified in the government-friendly media and was finally forced to lay off staff members in what it described as a growing climate of repression.

“For a movement that has done nothing but raise its voices against injustice, this latest attack is akin to freezing dissent,” Avinash Kumar, executive director

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