Does Your Flood Insurance Include Purposeful Government Sanctioned Preemptive Flooding?

Indeed, 2001 was a terrible year for the United States with regards to flooding. We watched as the Mississippi and Missouri River both breached levees in many states. We also noted the incredible snow pack in Colorado, Montana, Idaho, Nevada, and California and the runoff in June of 2001 was significant, causing all sorts of flooding, and some rather serious incidents as you already know. Of course, the time to buy flood insurance is before the flood.

What was that famous line in the movie; “when did Noah build the ark, before the flood remember?” Yes, I love that quote, and I use it quite often, and yet buying flood insurance is quite expensive, especially if you live in a flood zone, and then there is the 50 year flood, or the hundred year flood, those are flooding events which are way beyond the normal cycles of droughts and rainy … Read More