‘Put these animals in jail’: Trump condemns protestors in Portland

  • President Donald Trump blasted demonstrators who organized in Portland on Sunday evening. 
  • “Put these animals in jail, now,” he tweeted Monday morning. “The Radical Left only knows how to take advantage of very dumb ‘leadership’ fools. This is Biden! Law & Order!”
  • People gathered in the Oregon city for an event called “Indigenous Peoples Day of Rage Against Colonialism” to protest Columbus Day and toppled two statues of former presidents. 
  • Trump also tweeted that New York and California have gone “to hell.”
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President Donald Trump doubled down on his “law and order” campaign rhetoric on Monday morning by denouncing protestors in Portland, Oregon, and calling for their arrests after some of them toppled two statues on Sunday night.

“Put these animals in jail, now,” Trump said on Monday morning in a retweeted video of the protests. “The Radical Left only knows how to

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LaPorte County Historical Society Museum locks up Michigan City jail door | Entertainment

LaPorte County Historical Society Museum locks up Michigan City jail door

LaPorte County Commissioner Richard Mrozinski, Museum Director Keri Teller Jakubowski and LaPorte County Historical Society Board President Bruce Johnson pose with the historic Michigan City jail door that was acquired by the LaPorte County Historical Society Museum.

The LaPorte County Historical Society Museum locked up its latest acquisition: the historic jail door from the Michigan City Superior Courthouse.

The museum, at 2405 Indiana Ave., LaPorte, obtained the door to the jail cell from the 111-year-old courthouse at 300 Washington St. where prisoners were held during their daily trial proceedings. It’s actually two doors: a barred door and a steel door with a peep hole that allowed sound and light to enter the holding cell.

“LaPorte County Commissioner Richard Mrozinski was instrumental in acquiring the door on behalf of the Museum,” the LaPorte County Historical Society said in a press release.

“The jail door was in an area of the

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Miami company gets jail threat over police ‘challenge coin’

As the nation grapples with tensions over cases of police brutality, a small Miami company says its found a successful niche selling pro-law-enforcement “challenge coins” and pins online.

The company, LEO Challenge Coins, hawks collector-type coins that depict police badges and emblems from agencies from around the country, plus body armor, rifles, American flags, President Donald Trump in heroic poses and even Baby Yoda wearing a coronavirus mask.

But one coin depicting a Virginia trooper — who earned online notoriety for cursing and preening to the camera during a video-recorded traffic stop — is drawing heat, including from the state itself. Virginia’s Secretary of the Commonwealth this week issued a cease-and-desist order to the Miami company, threatening fines and even jail time because the coin displays the state seal.

“As keeper of the Seals, I request that you cease such usage and remove any representation of the seal of the

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