Office Politics III – Judo Versus Karate Words

This third article in this series about being politically savvy in the workplace builds upon the foundational insights of the prior two articles.

Office Politics I addressed the issue of neutralizing a toxic person at your workplace instead of committing either of the two fatal errors of trying to make them a friend or treating them like an enemy. Instead, we want to neutralize their toxic effect upon the work environment.

Office Politics II showed you how to use public displays of camaraderie to neutralize “behind your back” toxic communications.

This article looks at another technique for neutralizing a dangerous colleague in the workplace.

Judo and Karate

I’m not very good at either but have had lessons and advanced a ways into the rainbow of belts in both judo and karate. I know enough to really make a dangerous opponent even madder at me than they were before. But I … Read More