Sugar – Your Health vs Politics – Always Read the Ingredients Label – Part 1 of 2

So you have cravings for Sugar and Sweets and you consider Life without it pretty bland – don’t we all?

Well, relax, this is not about coercing you into giving up on those lovely chocolates and tempting pastries, but rather to make you aware of how the choice of sweetener in the product affects your health and the health of your children – and to reveal the links to the unexplained horizontal growth you may be experiencing – even though you eat so little.

We have all heard that Americans consume huge amounts of sugar, over 150 pounds per person and year. As if this wasn’t enough, a recent U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) survey was cited as adjusting the latest numbers to160 pounds of sugar a year – a 30% increase since the early 1980s. That’s the approximate equivalent of 53 heaped teaspoons of sugar per person per day!

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Sugar – Your Health vs Politics – Always Read the Ingredients Label – Part 2 of 2

Well – read on from Part 1 which covered Sugar, HFCS and Synthetic Sweeteners!

When a food label indicates “sugar”, it refers to sucrose, the white, chemically refined cane or beet completely void of any nutrients of the originating plant, a compound that nature could never have invented. It is not only indigestible; the body treats sugar as a drug, makes it acidic and then up-regulates the pH by leaking calcium from bones and teeth. This leads to mineral deficiencies and a plethora of associated health problems from allergies to sexual dysfunction and impaired immune system. This white grainy table sugar is still the primary dry form sugar used in the industrialized world; its availability is ubiquitous as staple food – only this one has no nutritional value.

Agave Nectar / Syrup:

A natural low calorie plant-based sweetener from Mexico that is 75% stronger than sugar, sweeter and slightly thinner

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