Today’s Politics: The Labels Don’t Make Sense!

Politicians, and those, who elect them, often use certain labels, either to distinguish themselves, or disparage their political foes! These simplistic labels, often, include: conservative; liberal; progressive; moderate; socialist; social democrat; and, communist. Wouldn’t it make, far more sense, if, instead, of labeling, and/ or, branding, someone, for political motives, we closely examined, and considered, not only their rhetoric, and/ or promises, but, their actions, ideas, and, votes? It appears, we clearly live, in dangerous times, when America, is led, by an individual, who makes statements, daily, based on his personal/ political agenda, and self – interest, rather than the common good, and overall safety of the world! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, what this means, and the differences, between convenient labels, and reality.

1. Conservative: Traditionally, a conservative, believed in smaller government, free trade, responsible/ balanced budgets, and the … Read More