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Fearing for the future of a ‘free society’

I, of course, like many others, am saddened at the death of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, long a hero of mine. And of course, knowing her end was near, I hoped she would live until another administration was elected.

I am stunned at how the incumbents are so ready to replace her, with no show of grief or any sense of respecting her last wishes to wait to fill her place until a new group is sworn in.

Listening and watching the politics of today, I feel that my America is leaving me. I can only say that very few people really care about freedom, about liberty, about the truth. Very few people have guts, the kind of guts on which a real democracy has to depend.

Without people with that

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American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network reignites cancer research (Letters)

Cancer has always been a part of my life; I’ve seen both friends and family affected by diagnoses and treatments, and I understand firsthand the toll that the process takes on both patients and their loved ones. Cancer is an ever-present threat worldwide, and the only way we will truly be able to help those who suffer from the disease and its wide impacts is through research.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to pervade all aspects of our society, we must remember to look more closely at the disruptions caused in cancer research and clinical trials.

As a result of the pandemic, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) may lose close to $10 billion worth of currently funded research, severely affecting the lives of cancer patients and the public health of our communities for years to come.

Cancer research must remain a priority: one in two men and one in

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Strawman Why Is Your Identify In All Capital Letters? I Only Use Caps For The

Politicians have rather a lot to say about what they consider the position of government to be. These on the left usually want extra government on the federal stage, especially more social packages. THE REGULATION UNDER displays just some of the rulings on the next beginner authorized theories: break up character” principle, strawman” principle, flesh and blood particular person” concept, capital letters” concept, governments are firms” principle, jurisdiction” concept, no contract” theory, beginning certificates” concept, social security quantity” theory, business legislation” idea”, UCC filing statements” principle, UCC financing statement” principle, use of US citizens as collateral for nationwide debt” concept, sovereign citizen” principle,”redemption” idea, imaginary belief accounts” at the Federal Reserve or at the US Treasury concept and associated theories.

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Strawman Why Is Your Name In All Capital Letters? I Only Use Caps For The

Have you learnt tips on how to get a few of the billions of dollars in unclaimed government money? There have been although problems as it did not cover everybody, it required lots of people to administer, nationwide insurance coverage did not cowl everybody and it was of course as expense to the government. It’s also now time, urgently, to resume limited government in America.

There are two organs within the political powers of government: (1) nationwide affairs with the first accountability to administer the nationwide and worldwide affairs of the government together with the diplomatic relations with the opposite state; (2) native affairs with the primary duty to administer and control the administrative models reminiscent of states, province and municipalities.

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