On immigration, the public is far more liberal than UK government

“It’s what the public demands.” That’s always been the government’s alibi for tough immigration rules. Polls, though, have suggested that the public is more nuanced and liberal than given credit for. The latest British Social Attitudes report, on post-Brexit policy, confirms this.

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Most headlines about the report have focused on the fact that two-thirds of Britons oppose freedom of movement for EU nationals. What the survey asked, however, was whether EU nationals should be treated the same as everyone else. Most people agreed they should. Two-thirds also thought that EU countries should not favour Britons over other non-EU migrants. This is, in other words, as much a demand for equal treatment as for ending freedom of movement.

text, letter: Only 13% of Brits think it should be ‘relatively difficult’ for French people to migrate to the UK; the corresponding figure for Pakistani immigrants is 29%.

© Photograph: The Image Factory/Alamy
Only 13% of Brits think it should be ‘relatively difficult’ for French people to migrate to the UK; the

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