Poland Government Heads Further to the Right in New Lineup | World News

WARSAW (Reuters) – Poland’s ruling nationalists appear to have a taken a turn further towards the right with the appointment of two ultra-conservatives in their new government lineup, raising the prospect of renewed friction with the European Union.

After weeks of internal rows over jobs and policies such as women’s and LGBT rights, which threatened to break up the three-party Law and Justice (PiS) coalition, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki is due to announce new posts later on Wednesday.

According to local media, the education ministry, at the heart of PiS’ efforts to instill more conservative values in public life, is expected to go to Przemyslaw Czarnek, 43, a lecturer at a Catholic university who has said gay people are “not equal to normal people”.

Speaking on Tuesday, Czarnek said schools should protect children from a moral and sexual revolution driven by “LGBT ideology”.

“We will not allow for children to

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