Boris Johnson’s government looked at building wave machines to stop migrant boats crossing the English Channel

Priti Patel, Boris Johnson looking at a laptop: The UK Home Secretary Priti Patel and Boris Johnson Getty

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The UK Home Secretary Priti Patel and Boris Johnson Getty

  • The UK government considered creating a wave machine in order to stop migrants crossing the English Channel to the UK from France.
  • The Financial Times on Wednesday reported that the Home Office discussed a plan to install boats with pumps generating waves in the Channel.
  • The idea was dismissed due to the risk that they would cause small boats to capsize.
  • The UK is currently experiencing record numbers of people claiming asylum who are crossing the Channel from France, with 7,000 people estimated to have arrived in the UK in small boats this year.
  • Labour’s shadow home secretary said: ‘This is a vile example of how degraded an environment the Tories have created.’
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The UK government has considered plans to build wave machines designed to stop migrants crossing the English Channel

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No one looked good in the first presidential debate. Here’s how Biden wins the second one

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America is bleeding and bloodied on the mat right now, and in last night’s presidential debate, both candidates were too busy punching one another to provide a tourniquet for our injured body politic.  The next debate provides an excellent opportunity for Joe Biden to do just that. He is not Donald Trump, and using Trumpian tactics doesn’t work for him — not least because we’re all so dang tired of them.

Luckily, there is a chance for Biden to course-correct in the next debate — especially considering that the format will be different. In a town hall context, the candidates will be taking questions directly from the voters, and this is where Biden can offer the sharpest contrast between himself and the incumbent president. If these voters are anything like me (and probably you, too), they’ll be exhausted and frightened and sick of the bulls**t.

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