Pennsylvania counties push for changes to mail ballot law

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — Pennsylvania’s counties continue to press lawmakers and Gov. Tom Wolf to allow them to process mail-in ballots before Election Day in the battleground state as they consider the prospect of waiting until polls open to dig into what could be 3 million or more envelopes.

Allowing as many as 21 days to process mail-in ballots before Election Day has been the counties’ top election priority for months.

But it remained stuck Tuesday in a wider partisan dispute between the Democratic governor and the Republican-controlled Legislature amid a high-stakes presidential election and partisan lawsuits over how mail-in ballots should be collected and counted.

Demand is rising for mail-in ballots because of the coronavirus, and could surpass 10 times the amount in 2016′s presidential election.

County officials say processing mail-in ballots before Election Day will speed up vote counting amid concerns that a presidential election result will

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