Marijuana law reform a grassroots effort | Opinion

By John Wanless

I am writing in response to the recent opinion piece titled “The selling of New Jersey’s recreational marijuana referendum,” by Tom Haedrich.

Mr. Haedrich begins his article with: “Deep-pocketed special interests are so assured of New Jersey voters passing the upcoming recreational marijuana referendum that pungent smoke is already wafting through the halls of Trenton.” Thus, Haedrich frames the issue as if unscrupulous, rich investors were the driving force behind marijuana legalization. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Marijuana law reform has been a 100 percent grassroots movement for decades. In fact, we would beg the growers and sellers to support us, but, at best, they would just ignore us. Worse, in every state, we had to fight a loud contingent of greedy marijuana sellers who didn’t want legalization because they feared they would lose money, or even their “business.” It is not until just recently,

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