For Long-Haulers, Covid-19 Takes a Toll on Mind as Well as Body

Forty hours after treating her first coronavirus patient, on March 30, Angela Aston came home to her family with a cough. “Gosh, your throat is scratchy,” her husband told her. Right away she knew she had likely been infected with Covid-19. As a nurse practitioner, Ms. Aston, 50, was confident she knew how to handle her symptoms, and disappeared to her bedroom to quarantine and rest.

By day 50 of her illness, that confidence had disappeared. In late May, she was still experiencing daily fevers and fatigue. She went to bed each evening worried that her breathing would deteriorate overnight. Particularly frustrating was the difficulty she felt explaining to her colleagues, friends and family that after eight weeks she was still sick.

“I felt this stigma like, ‘I’ve got this thing nobody wants to be around,’” Ms. Aston said. “It makes you depressed, anxious that it’s never going to go

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Conspiracies Theory – Mind Altering Drugs, Telepathic Powers, Government Agencies Recruiting Spies

Some way out conspiracy theorists believe that there are government agencies recruiting certain individuals who have a genetic displacement which allows them to see glimpses of the future or enables them to do remote viewing. There have been many way out stories and conspiracy theorist books written on individuals with telepathic powers working for the United States government.

If they are that is a good thing and I’m glad they’re working on our team rather than someone else’s. Is this conspiracy theory real? Does the government recruit kids by giving them mind altering drugs to help them harness their telepathic powers to recruit them as spies? Is this storyline any good? Sure that is a good one. Here is why. Some people’s brains run at faster RPMs. and if a kid had used a methanphetine (Sp?) then their brain waves might jump to 60-80 Hz and who knows what that … Read More

Never Mind My Politics, Here Is My Philosophy:

“Do life the best you can with the best profit you can get out of it.” Sure, it sounds a little silly, but is it? I mean, life done the best you can in my estimation means just that: Do life the best you can do it without flinching, playing too many games or fearfully being fragile about it. The ultimate weakness also in my reality is genuine loss instead of genuine profiteering, something I will explain a little bit more into the article, but meanwhile I want to explain “do life the best you can” a little more in detail:

Effort without consciousness ends up the ultimate futility like a vehicle that has all kinds of power but does not have a driver to direct it to where it needs to go. It is almost like saying: why build the vehicle if you do not know what to do … Read More