ALICIA WALLACE: A mother and daughter die but are we really shocked in a society complicit in violence against women?


FOLLOWING the murder of a 30-year-old mother and her eight-year-old daughter on Monday morning, the conversation about domestic violence has started again. There is shock, sadness and frustration. We have questions that have been asked before and never seem to get answers. How are guns getting into the country? Why do so many disagreements end in violent death? Who could kill a child? Then there is the question far too many people ask: Well, what did she do for him to kill her?

When domestic violence ends in murder, the general public makes assumptions about the people involved. Narratives are quickly woven, usually based on misogyny rather than truth.

A woman was murdered by a man with whom she lived or had an intimate relationship and people want to know what she did. The fact that so many people are desperate to rationalise murder is an indication

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