Louisville Film Society hosts outdoor family movie nights 2020


Are you ready for a night out at the movies? The Louisville Film Society is making a night at the movies possible with a series of socially-distanced Family Film Nights held on the lawn at the Mellwood Arts Center,

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Cindy Sherman Has Transformed Herself Into Clowns, Movie Stars, and Society Ladies. Now, She’s Tackling Her Toughest Subject Yet: Men

There is a particular thrill in meeting Cindy Sherman over FaceTime. Here is the face that has been the blank canvas for hundreds of characters over the decades, now under a radiant late September glare. The artist “meets” me from her Hamptons home, fresh from opening a survey at the Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris and an exhibition of new photographs at Metro Pictures in New York this past week.

To have a virtual rendezvous with the artist who has continuously deconstructed and rebuilt identities is to come face to face with the emblematic expression that has delivered both the most gruesome and delectable ranges of human emotion and pierced our perceptions of truth—a concept that social media has shifted dramatically in recent years.

Every time I plunge into a rabbithole of Instagram grids or pose for an intricately-angled selfie, I ask myself, “What would Cindy Sherman think?”

“I actually

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Movie Review: Raajneeti – Power, Politics And Entertainment

Raajneeti Plot

A political party’s chief gets a heart attack on the eve of state elections. His son Veerendra (Manoj Bajpai) is all set to take over the mantle when senior leader Brij Gopal (Nana Patekar) convinces the chief to name Veerendra’s uncle as the successor. This throws Veerendra’s plan into a tailspin as his cousin Prithvi (Arjun Rampal), now the secretary of the party would eventually inherit the legacy. Veerendra befriends Suraj (Ajay Devgan), an upstart who got off on the wrong foot with Prithvi. The son of Prithvi’s driver, Suraj in fact, happens to be Prithvi’s elder brother who was discarded at birth for he was born out of wedlock. Suraj orders a hit on Veerndra’s Uncle and also gets Prithvi arrested in a sex scandal.

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Inception and the Law of Attraction in Action – How the Movie Provides Insight Into Truth

Spoiler Alert: Please only read this after seeing Inception. This is not a movie review, the ideas expressed in this article may give away too much of the plot or other information about the movie.

There are many various similarities between the movie Inception and the universal laws of attraction. Although the focus in this 2010 film refers to dreams and thought implantation, it gives some impressive insight into how to put the univeral laws in action. When you start watching the movie with an eye toward universal laws, it is easy to visualize how applicable the inception of a thought is to putting the Law of Attraction in action.

Most people who put universal law in action, for instance, utilize self-affirmations and/or dream-boards to assist them in their quest for their goals. Primarily, these affirmations and dreamboards move the goal focus from conscious thought into the subconscious … Read More