AT&T has trouble figuring out where it offers government-funded Internet

An AT&T logo on the side of a building.

If you live in an area where AT&T has taken government funds in exchange for deploying broadband, there’s a chance you won’t be able to get the service—even if AT&T initially tells you it’s available.

AT&T’s Mississippi division has received over $283 million from the Federal Communications Commission’s Connect America Fund since 2015 and in exchange is required to extend home-Internet service to over 133,000 potential customer locations. As we previously reported, the Mississippi Public Service Commission (PSC) accused AT&T of submitting false coverage data to the FCC program. As evidence, Mississippi said its “investigation found concrete, specific examples that show AT&T Mississippi has reported location addresses… as being served when, in fact, the addresses are without service.”

AT&T has since provided an explanation that confirms it submitted false data on the serviceability of some addresses but says it will still meet the overall requirement of serving over 133,000 new

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Harbor Humane Society offers discounted pet adoptions this weekend

Puppy Palooza followed by a Discounted Adoption Day.

MICHIGAN, USA — This weekend, Harbor Humane Society will be hosting two events to get their shelter pets a  new home. 

On Friday, they will hold their first ever Puppy Palooza Adoption Event. The Adoptions will be first come first serve as they open the doors of their  training center to people that want a furry addition to their family. 

They will have three to four litters, which is about 20 puppies to see. The shelter has done this event in the past with kittens, but this is the first time they have the puppy inventory according to the event coordinator, Cindy Gruppen.

“We will have the puppies in play pins to visit with but we are only allowing a few people in the building at a time,” Gruppen said.

Everyone who attends the event must register in order to adopt. The

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JDog Brands Offers Franchise Ownership Discount to Current, Former Law Enforcement

JDog Brands is recruiting even more Veterans to join its rapidly growing band of Veteran- and Military-family owned franchises. Now through Dec. 31, 2020, Veterans and Military family members that are also current or former law enforcement will receive a $5,000 discount off the initial franchise fee for both JDog Junk Removal and Hauling and JDog Carpet Cleaning.

In major cities across the U.S., police officers are retiring at double, even triple the usual rate. Many of them will be looking to put their skills and training to use in a new way, including entrepreneurship and franchise ownership.

“The experience, work ethic, and values these public servants gained from their time on the force, combined with their experience as Veterans or Military family members, makes them uniquely suited for business ownership at JDog,” said Army Veteran Jerry Flanagan, the co-founder and CEO of JDog Brands. “Our focus on people, purpose,

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TIP Friendly Society offers $3.3m in scholarships, grants

The TIP Friendly Society awarded $3.3 million in scholarships and grants recently, to students of TIP members who will be attending secondary institutions.

Awards were also handed to TIP members completing undergraduate and postgraduate studies in 2021. This is the 18th year of TIP giving back through its scholarship awards.

The scholarship was held under the theme, ‘TIP, Your Partner in Education’. This year, two new scholarships were named for two board members who passed recently passed — Sherlock Allen, former treasurer; and Wayne Mullings, former parish representative.

Acting chief education officer in the Ministry of Education, Dr Kasan Troupe, charged the attendees to make the most of their awards by putting in the required work. She reminded the scholars that it was not where you came from, but instead where you are going. She drew on her personal experiences and she encouraged the parents to support their children every

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Deaf Librarian offers programs to underserved children, LGBTQ patrons

Aida Mallard
| The Gainesville Sun

University of Florida neurosurgery chair Dr. Brian Hoh has been elected the 2020-21 president of the Congress of Neurological Surgeons, one of the largest international neurosurgical societies, with over 9,800 members. UF Health neurosurgeons Dr. Daniel Hoh and Dr. Maryam Rahman also have been elected to leadership positions in the CNS: Daniel Hoh will serve as treasurer, and Rahman began her term last year as a member-at-large of the executive committee, according to a news release from UF Health.

“Dr. Hoh and his team embody the drive, passion and excellence that are elevating the University of Florida to claim its place among the very finest universities in this country,” said UF President Kent Fuchs.

“These elected positions recognize the expertise and leadership of University of Florida neurosurgeons in advancing the field to provide the best possible care to patients facing devastating conditions such as

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