Former N.J. law firm office manager stole over $100K from employer, prosecutor says

The former office manager of a Wall Township law firm was arrested Friday after an investigation revealed she stole over $100,000 from her employer, authorities said.

Patricia Vaughn, 62, of Toms River, was charged with theft and released on a summons, Monmouth County Prosecutor Christopher J. Gramiccioni announced Monday.

The investigation began in January after the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office was contacted by the Wall Township Police, who had received a theft report from the owner of the firm stating Vaughn had stolen funds, according to a release from the office.

Investigators combed through various business and personal accounts related to the law practice and found numerous unauthorized transfers from the accounts to the firm’s operating account that were made by Vaughn from 2011 through 2019, the office said.

Vaughn hid these transfers by creating false bank statements and used the money she added to the operating account to give

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Office Politics Is Killing Us

Our youthful Iranian era are people who find themselves of their 30s right now. In the 1670s, the Lords of Commerce and Plantations, a royal committee established to implement the mercantile system on the colonies, moved to annul the Massachusetts Bay charter, as a result of the colony was resisting the government’s financial policy.

Yet, its cultural and political mode of thought and apply- its assertive posture, robust rhetoric and uncompromising critique-completely altered the political panorama of America in addition to the identity of African People. What happened subsequent – though an remoted event in American history – offers a vivid window into the social and psychological world of Puritan New England.

The colonial assemblies, aware of events in England, attempted to assert their “rights” and “liberties.” By the early 18th century, the colonial legislatures held two important powers similar to these held by the English Parliament: the correct to … Read More

Office Politics Good Or Dangerous?

Being requested to offer a public presentation will be each gratifying and frightening. Subsequently, other New England colonies – similar to Connecticut and Rhode Island – also succeeded in changing into self-governing just by asserting that they had been past any governmental authority, and then establishing their very own political system modeled after that of the Pilgrims at Plymouth.

Within the lead as much as the 12 March elections, many opposition candidates publicly demanded that President Uribe do one thing to purge the lists of political candidates, removing these people considered in close cooperation with paramilitary leaders.

Nonetheless, the story of the past sixty years or so, ever for the reason that founding of the United Nations with all its shortcomings and glories, the mergence of nation-states in giant parts of Africa and Asia from the clutches of colonialism and imperialism, the story of the majority of human inhabitants to … Read More

Office Politics III – Judo Versus Karate Words

This third article in this series about being politically savvy in the workplace builds upon the foundational insights of the prior two articles.

Office Politics I addressed the issue of neutralizing a toxic person at your workplace instead of committing either of the two fatal errors of trying to make them a friend or treating them like an enemy. Instead, we want to neutralize their toxic effect upon the work environment.

Office Politics II showed you how to use public displays of camaraderie to neutralize “behind your back” toxic communications.

This article looks at another technique for neutralizing a dangerous colleague in the workplace.

Judo and Karate

I’m not very good at either but have had lessons and advanced a ways into the rainbow of belts in both judo and karate. I know enough to really make a dangerous opponent even madder at me than they were before. But I … Read More

Reframe and Conquer Office Politics

Kyle began our phone call by sharing his frustration. “I hate the politics at my company,” he said. “The only projects that get done are the ones sponsored by the company president’s ‘pets.’ The worth of the project doesn’t matter; it’s all about who you know. I do great work, and that should be enough.” I could hear the anger in his voice. “I’m not good at playing the game – and I won’t!”

By far, one of the biggest challenges my clients face is office politics. People constantly ask me, “How can I influence decisions in my workplace when I don’t have the clout or authority to get done what I need to get done?”

Time after time, Kyle’s ideas had been passed over because he wasn’t part of the “in” crowd. So we spent his session talking about his options. I suggested that he reframe the problem to … Read More

Office Politics

In almost every working environment we are faced with office politics. It seems to find a way of involving us and usually not by choice. The key to coping with these circumstances without crossing any ethical boundaries is to first and foremost decide what is of importance to you- the short term chance of promotion or the long term value of your professional development, which can take a life time to build but can serve as inspiration for life times to come.

Some people think that they should avoid office politics all together, but statistics have shown that those who understand and use these politics are more likely to succeed than those who dismiss it all together.

As Andrew DuBrin once said “to ignore office politics is to ignore those underlining forces that account for the differences in success between equally talented people”.

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Office Politics: The Taboo You Cannot Ignore

So, you held your breath, prayed to the higher power and struggled to fit in during high school. The popular and the arrogant got it all, whilst the nice ones merged in the background. Regardless of what happened, you graduated from high school. You escaped the close bound circumference of the seven deadly sins and went to college, worked harder than most. Alas! After those grueling hours of hard work and sleepless nights, you bagged your dream job. And what happens when you are finally there? It is high school all over again. The picture perfect sycophant, the inevitable office head cheerleader, the gloat and of course, the Quarterbacks.

Long story short, office politics is where there is a tension among the co-workers like back-biting, egoism, conflict in interests, difference in each other’s opinion and pure nepotism at times. Office politics is very persuasive. No matter how many times you … Read More

Understanding Office Politics in the 21st Century Workplace

Office Politics: The Art Of The Possible

Playing politics is like having sex. Almost everybody does it, but nobody is comfortable discussing exactly what they do. We will talk for hours, however, about what other people might be doing. Typically, we use the term “playing politics” only to describe our colleagues’ behavior – never our own. They are sucking up, scheming, and manipulating, but we are building relationships, developing strategies, and opening communication channels.

The above paragraph was quoted from Dr. Marie McIntyre’s recent book, “Secrets to Winning at Office Politics”. And it’s true! When people are placed together in a corporation (or in a family, or a reality TV island), it is human nature to compete for power, influence, rewards, and recognition. How people carry out this competition, and the value individuals place on the spoils, are what we call office politics.

Ignore politics at your peril! A sure … Read More

4 Common Causes of Office Politics

“Office Politics” can be defined as using real OR perceived power and control to get what you want – be it tangible (a raise, corner office, etc.) or intangible (a promotion, visibility, influence over others) sometimes at the expense of others. This definition brings home the fact that office politics is inevitable.

What organization doesn’t have a hierarchy of some type? What company does not have managers, supervisors, presidents, CEOs, etc. that exert some authority? 90 percent of our newsletter recipients and other respondents to a survey about the subject admitted to being aware of office politics in their organization. Many of them also admitted that they knew of conflicts in the organization caused by office politics.

4 Common Causes of Negative Office Politics

1. Scarcity of Resources – Not enough resources to go around and everyone wants to get “their share”. This often causes back-stabbing and manipulation at varying … Read More