Government to face pressure over planning changes

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The government will face pressure over proposed changes to the planning system in England later when MPs debate a new formula for assessing housing need.

Tory backbenchers have expressed concern about the formula, which analysis says could see big rises in the number of new homes for some areas.

Conservative MP Bob Seely said the plan would “hollow out our cities and suburbanise the countryside.”

The government said the plan was “still part of a consultation”.

But a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) said they needed to make sure the formula was “set up to deliver the new homes the country needs”.

MPs will debate Mr Seely’s motion on Thursday afternoon, which urges the government to delay the introduction of the new system until the Commons has a chance to fully debate and hold a meaningfully vote on it.


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New law could affect your retirement planning | Opinion


If you have been putting money aside every year in an employer-sponsored 401(k) or 403(b) defined contribution plan, an individual retirement account (IRA) or a self-employed retirement account (SEP-IRA), the new law gives you a longer holding period before you need to start withdrawing and paying taxes on those funds.

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With all the breaking news from Washington, you may have missed the passage of a new U.S. law that could affect your retirement planning. On Dec. 21, President Donald Trump signed the Setting Every Community Up For Retirement Enhancement (SECURE) Act after bipartisan approval by Congress.

Per Morgan Stanley, the new legislation will have the most immediate impact on Americans in their 60s who are nearing retirement. But it could eventually open the door to new retirement account options for millions of Americans who now work for small and midsize businesses. (Morgan Stanley and its financial advisors

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Secret Society of Second-Born Royals Director on Planning Sequels

secret-society-of-second-born-royals-cast-sliceFrom director Anna Mastro and based on an original story by Alex Litvak, Andrew Green and Austin Winsberg, the Disney+ original film Secret Society of Second-Born Royals follows Sam (Peyton Elizabeth Lee), a rebellious teenager whose royal lineage makes her second-born status something of an afterthought to her family. But when she learns that she has superpowers because of a genetic trait attributed only to those that are like her, it’s up to her to find her inner superhero and create her own legacy.

During this 1-on-1 phone interview with Collider, filmmaker Anna Mastro talked about how she got attached to direct this project, blending the royal family genre with the superhero genre, the elements of the story that most spoke to her, the journey she’s taken as a director, how much the script changes over the course of making the movie, assembling this team of

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