Michael Lavine Honors Arthur Siegel With an American Popular Song Society Program

The performance takes place on Saturday, October 10th at 12 Noon ET via Zoom.

Join singer/musical director and sheet music archivist Michael Lavine on Saturday, October 10th at 12 Noon ET for an American Popular Song Society program honoring the Broadway composer and cabaret artist Arthur Siegel.

Arthur wrote the music for many of the songs in the NEW FACES Broadway shows of 1952, 1956, 1962 and 1968. He mainly collaborated with June Carroll, but in later years, Arthur wrote with other lyricists. He musically directed most of Ben Bagley’s Revisited cd’s over the years, providing arrangements and also singing on them! Michael will be joined by a number of stars from Broadway and Cabaret, who will be presenting songs by Arthur. Michael will also tell some stories of his friendship with Arthur. Performers lined up to entertain: Steven Brinberg, Fay DeWitt, Natalie Douglas, Jay Aubrey Jones, Jon Peterson, T.

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Veteran’s popular TikTok videos help raise awareness for Wayne County Humane Society

Local veteran is using his platform on TikTok to help get animals adopted from the shelter where he works.

WOOSTER, Ohio — TikTok is the most downloaded app in the world, and has more than 800-million active users worldwide. One of them is Joe Kay of Wooster.

Joe’s TikTok account has over 287,000 followers and his videos have more than ten million likes.

He’s using the social media app to help get animals adopted from the Wayne County Humane Society.

3News Meteorologist Matt Standridge talked to him about how this journey started.

“What made you start thinking, ‘wait, I can start showing off these dogs on TikTok?,’” asked Matt.

“I actually didn’t start off with me in the shelter,” Joe explained. “I started off with my rescue dog and those went viral. So then I was like, well, if they they really like the rescue dogs, let me show them

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Politics of Popular Culture

One cannot live on a myth in the present; the tradition is being constantly transformed; old is giving way to new in ways more than one. The new changes, or the crossover of trends and fashions, may be generating a feeling of existential urgency; the sublime seems to be melding with the trivial and the creative with the conventional. A sort of re-orientation is going-on so rapidly that the classical concepts of culture appear outdated.

It is also a fact that the greatest number of new ideas in contemporary art, literature and culture have been coming out from the West. Western artists and cultural leaders have been extending the concept of what constitutes contemporary art. It is important to take note of a convergence of new attitudes, especially as there has been a marked shift from the idealist to the materialist view.

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