The Law of Increase – The 5th of the Bob Proctor 11 Forgotten Laws

The Law of Increase is a simple concept. Of course, as with many things, the Law of Increase may be simple, but it is not always easy. Although we may understand it intellectuality, it may take some time be able to “get” it at a deeper level; in other words, for it to go from our heads to our hearts.

The Law of Increase could just as easily be called the law of praise or gratitude. Praise is the action and increase is the result. This is a law, like the other 11 Forgotten Laws, that is a principle based on the predictable consequences of an act or condition. Just like the law of gravity that predicts when we throw something in the air it will come down, the Law of Increase states that what we give attention to will increase.

If we give attention to what we don’t want, … Read More