The Entrepreneurial Ability – One of Society’s Scarce Resources

Have you ever wondered what the 4 most important resources in any given economy are?

They go as follows:

1. Land – which includes all the natural resources that go along with it.

2. Labor- people have to work to get anything done, right?

3. Capital- probably not what you’re thinking; this category isn’t money! It includes tools and machinery, and any other productive item.

4. Entrepreneurial Ability- something unique and specific to people! Not everybody has this! Do you?

Isn’t interesting that any given economy must have entrepreneurs! All the resources in the world, including land, lumber, minerals, food, labor, and tools will create nothing without the entrepreneur. Those innovative minds create many of the luxuries that we enjoy today; without them, we’d be without everything!

So what exactly does an entrepreneur do?

An entrepreneur, by simple definition, takes the initiative in combining resources like land, labor, tools, and … Read More

3 Of the Top Resources for Getting Government Money

There are many advertisements online and in newspapers today offering people free government money. It is important that you be able to tell which ones are scams and which ones can truly help you in a financial crisis. It is possible to get free money from the government, but you must know the most effective resources that will give you the truth behind obtaining this money.

Getting government money for your financial situation depends on the reason you wish to acquire the money. Government grants are available for a long list of agencies. They can help you through any financial situation. Some of the most common reasons to seek a government grant include education, disaster relief, housing, transportation, and community development. You need a good reason to need the money before the government will be willing to hand over some cash.

The Internet is by far the best resource … Read More